• Maxi roll
  • Maxi S rolls
  • Midi rolls
  • Mini rolls
  • System Rolls (towel)
  • Toilet paper (jumbo, mini jumbo rolls and classic)
  • Fold towels, facial tissues and paper towels
  • Medical Rolls
BEWIMA Cleaning paper

BEWIMA Cleaning paper


Our cleaning paper stands for consistent quality and environmental friendliness.
As a manufacturer of paper, we offer you many possibilities.

Everything is available in cellulose or recycled paper, 1 -, 2 -, 3 - and 4-ply. In addition, you will also find the different colors : white, blue or chamois.

Our cleaning paper can be obtained with fixed core, disposable core and without core. Our center feed rolls are always packed in boxes for extra protection during transport. On top of this, we have a wide range of dispensers for all these types of rolls.

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If you cannot find what you need in this list, do not hesitate to contact us. In consultation with the customer, we can also provide private labeling or customized articles. As a manufacturer we try to meet all your requirements, our flexibility is a guarantee for a satisfied customer!