BEWIMA Absorbents

BEWIMA Absorbents


These absorption materials are made of non-woven polypropylene. This material offers the advantage of being light and thus saving on disposal costs, it is clean in use, it is conveniently packaged so easy to put back ...

Within this group of absorbent materials we have 3 groups:

  • oil only (which absorbs oil but not water, so they can also be used to remove oil from water surfaces)
  • The universals (for all kinds of work)
  • Chemicals (absorbs all chemicals)

These are available in the rolls, mats, hoses ...

At the request of the customer, of course, many other products can be purchased such as intervention kits, dispensers ...

We also have the classic absorbent grains which we have in 3 different qualities:

  • The absorbent grains on the basis of clay stones (20kg bags)
  • The grains semoule, fine quality for faster absorption (bags of 20kg)
  • The organic grains, based on wood fibers, are nonflammable and provide a very rapid absorption and light weight (bags 45l).

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